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The Ubuntu Unity desktop on your Android device.

Do you like Linux/Ubuntu? Does it seem awesome to you to be able to have the Unity desktop as your Android home screen? No? Ok, bye bye. In that case, this isn't for you.
This work in progress will allow you to have the Unity desktop running as your Android home/launcher screen.


Ubuntu is a registered trademark of Canonical Ltd, which I am not associated with. I don't take any responsibility for... anything.


Here you can download the last version of Ubuntu Launcher that was released on the Google Play Store. From the next release on this app will probably no longer be called Ubuntu Launcher. For more information read the notice on the side/below.

Download (529 KiB)
Latest version: 0.5.12

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Last commit

Message: Fixed missing Trash icon, made changes to "show running apps" preference
Branch: master
Date: 2015-11-25T19:00:30Z
Changes: 35


Ubuntu Launcher got taken down from the Google Play Store due to "copyright infringement".
Long story short; From the next release on the project will be called DistroHopper instead of Ubuntu Launcher. It may also contain a new default theme, but the Ubuntu theme will still be available.

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